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A Message from H.L. Richardson, for NRA Members

Me? Join Gun Owners of California?" Oh, but you see, I'm already a member of the NRA." What's the difference???
That's OK . . . so am I. In fact I'm an NRA life member and for over a decade I served on their national board of directors. But . . . take it from me, being a member of the NRA is not enough to save your gun rights, especially here in California.
That is why, thirty three years ago, I founded Gun Owners of California, to combat the anti-gunners within our state. As a member of the State Senate and a director of the NRA, I saw the need for a strong state political action committee, dedicated to getting the anti-gunners out of office and electing solid pro-gun leaders here in California.
We have been quite successful, considering our size is about one-fifth that of the NRA's statewide membership. We have elected more pro-gunners than all of the other gun groups combined. The reason is simple, our efforts and dollars are concentrated totally in California.
We have the best research on candidates because our staff is highly professional and blessed with years of experience. I served in the State Senate twenty-two years until I left to devote my time and experience to the pro-gun movement.
We are a unique organization in many ways.
We don't spread our money around in $500 increments to safe incumbents and then claim victory once they are re-elected. In fact, it is our express policy that we don't give a dime to incumbents for re-election. We believe loyalty can't be bought and once tried, you are always vulnerable to the highest bidder.
We find and then elect pro-gun candidates who are sound on our issue, candidates we can trust and who have the ability to hold the office we help them win. We specifically look for candidates who will work with us help other pro-gunners get elected once they themselves are in office.
We analyze the districts of anti-gunners, find the weakest, then concentrate big dollars into that race. In 1990, Assemblyman Norm Waters voted for the Connolly waiting period for long guns and private sales. Our campaign committee organized an independent effort that led to his defeat . . . the only defeat to be suffered by one of Willie Brown's incumbents - ever..
It sent a real message to the other Assembly members!
We look for those who are about to retire or leave office, then we zero in on these districts to make sure the primaries produce pro-gun candidates.
We participate in both parties, Democrat and Republican. To date, we have had more success with Republicans but our strength is growing among Democrats.
We are patient. We know the fight won't be won or lost over one election. We intend to be around until our gun rights are secure, and then we will practice "eternal vigilance."
We realize that many Legislators begin their careers in local elective office. We are making special efforts to elect more pro-gun candidates to local city councils and boards of supervisors.
The leadership in Gun Owners are all hunters, shooters, and personally involved in the fight for our rights. We also love this great state and hate to see the liberals and the anti's running our state government. We intend to do something about it.
We are also not Pollyanna's or unrealistic idealists. We know we are in for a long tough fight and, in order to win, we need a much larger membership. We are not in competition with the NRA but are allies. We encourage our membership to support them as well. We know there is no way we can win on all fronts with just one organization, no matter how great it may be.

The problem in California is not that we have too many pro-gun groups! We welcome any group that wants to help in the fight to preserve the 2nd Amendment. Common sense tells us there is strength in numbers. There is plenty of room - and frankly plenty of as yet untapped pro-gun resources - to sustain the NRA, GOC, and the other solid pro-gun organizations in California.
Membership in both the NRA and GOC is a small price to pay for freedom . . . don't you agree?